Thursday, 18 November 2010


maybe it's not too late to wish all muslims
and happy holiday..:D

actually i've been spending my one-week holiday by doing one thing..impersonating a Sheikh..
yup as drama as it sounds..hehe...being a Sheikh in Sharm El-Sheikh

first step to be a really good Sheikh is..having a whole lot of money..yup..a massive amount of $$$$
next step...hmmm...same as the first

that's why 4 days was more than enough to be one hell of a Sheikh..
but who day i might be a billionare as well as Sheikh..though my looks surely do not look like one..hehehe.. some said..

.roger and out.

Saturday, 6 November 2010


ugh...i know it's bad
Saturday night..staying at home..with no EPL to watch..

but lucky me..everyone is home..
a dose of PES followed by watching REC 2 together in our own home-made cinema made the night already..
more than enough..more than i could ask for..

yep, i know, it's not so freakin' fun and feverish night..
but i'll get used to problemo..i'm a big guy..:)

life is hard though...(all of sudden...hehe)

no more life to the fullest fellas..
let's eat.pray....and do the same thing again and again..yeah..


mission to SPAIN : a bit rocky rite now..but under control..sigh..:(

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


recently, i found out an effective way to save some money...
yeah..a real one..logical..systematic n'practical..
yep..i guess, i'm gonna be a billionare sooner than i think after all..:D..hehe

i've tried a bunch of methods before..but it turned out fruitless..
at the end of day, i lost the track of my expenses..
and spend thoughtlessly..

it's a simple method anyway..just a lil' a bit of:

1: Calculate your exact income monthly

2: Have a target on how much money do you want to save monthly and how much do you want to spend..make sure it's logical and moderate..

3: Withdraw the amount you want to spend for that month and divide equally for each week..let's say 1000 bucks a for a week you just have 250 bucks to live on..

4 : Jog down every single cent IN or OUT

5: At the end of each day, any balance..just kindly put that in your cute piggy-bank..but make sure it gets inside second thought on that...hehe :)

walla!...there you go..simple ain't?..
in few years time, the next thing you will be the next billionare you've been wanted so freakin' bad..hehe :)

yeah..i hope it's a good start though..
for a moment i just use a PEPSI can as my piggy-bank..sigh..
maybe i should find one that looks cool..and less piggy..hehe

something like this maybe :

last but not least, save later...

Sunday, 31 October 2010


bad news for everyone
i mean socca-holics..sigh..
if you are one of those, you are with me...duhh..

at least for this season or maybe a couple of season to go..
i still didn't get it why there is no coverage of EPL in Egypt

not even one channel out of hundreds and hundreds channel broadcasting those match though..
i managed to tune in to Nile Sport hoping that the ads shown before was a genuine one..
but all of sudden, they show Ligue 1 instead..being cheated again...
never mind..pissed off already..

i can't imagine how can i fill my every weekend-watching football-in comfy couch-with nothing to think of besides football activity...
i wonder how boring a weekend will sound after this...sigh...

una buena noticia desde el teatro de los sueños..:)



main objective : misión a Españ on!!

side objective : doing my specialist in Manchester and buy two season tickets..and smile all along for the whole season..hurra..:)


Saturday, 30 October 2010


suddenly, i started to rekindle my interest to write....
maybe due to excessive boredom right now...
and with nothing to do left..

at last..i am free..for the time being..fuuhh..
being chased, tied and grounded by a chain of exams lately..
felt like being eaten alive for a month..hehe too much for a metaphor though..

anyway...winter is coming...
already the cold breeze wheezing every night...
it's time to wrap myself in a cocoon..lucky me my comforter acting just fine..:)

things are getting expensive here in Egypt by the way,
annoying blood sucking inflation..erghh...
i think it's time to reduce some expenses though..
if Espana later..sigh..:(

fine..thousand a month will do no harm right..:D
no pain no gain..

Thursday, 29 July 2010



Nozha Airport, Alexandria, Egypt


Safir Airport Hotel, Kuwait


beloved KLIA, Malaysia..:D

anyway...happy holidays fellas...have a safe journey!!

Monday, 12 July 2010


adios WC 2014
adios South Africa
congrats to La Roja..

adios Egypt
5 papers left..:D
can't wait to see Aiman... mak said he can talk longer 'Habis' as his only word that he utter..
can't wait to see the other two sidekicks..
can't wait to feel like a real home..

and finally adios to Mr.Paul the Octopus..
that octopus already retired from predicting..yeah too much for an octopus..sigh..
he is back to his old profession..cheering up kids..that's better Paul!!..

(pic from kosmo)

anyway...2 weeks away..
that's all..

Saturday, 12 June 2010


world cup vs exam..
choose your side wisely..
one or the other..
maybe both...?..:D

anyhow...all the best fellas for the exam..
may ALLAH guide you

world cup is officially open
let the game begins!! :D

gooood luck everybody...

the source of pandemic fever....

kaka...don't let me down...:D

p/s: come on BRASIL!!!

Friday, 4 June 2010


we've been insulted again..
our brothers have been shot to death
some were beaten while others praying to be spared
but fear nothing..cause Allah will always be by our side my brothers!..:D

they can do what they want
but one day..sooner or later..the eternal glory will be ours..
Insha Allah..we'll find our way..

yup..just simple yet strong message to share..cause i assume the whole world already knew by now..that those kind of people, is the real criminal..the real man behind the curtain of innocence..

anyway, i have some vid to share..enjoy :D

yup..get ready fellas..cause we are going to fight for our any means..

Friday, 28 May 2010


many say : Money can't buy happiness
Money can't buy glory
Money can't pride

i say : with Money, i can buy almost everything.....:D..happiness, glory, love, pride..and other feelings or abstract things that ever exist..hehe

i can buy :

yeah..beetles..driving happily with pride..:D

or this one..more and more happy...:D

and all the world cup jerseys...any team? i don't mind at all..

yeah, if only getting money is easy
and effortless like collecting money from a money tree..:D
and then everyone will be happy.....and obese!..
p/s: countdown to WC...go Brasil!! :)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

TO THE WOMAN I LOVE THE MOST... know who you are..
Happy Mother's Day

i know that a simple wish is no match with all of your sacrifices and efforts you've made..
but do know that deep're always be my best and forever..:D

your beloved son

to Mak, and all mothers:

Saturday, 1 May 2010


it's been a tiresome week actually
string of events, celebrations were held

all of them have to be attended..
attended means..getting involved..
looking on the bright side, at least i will always have something to do..
mr.boredom will never get close..yeah..go away! :D

alhamdulillah..i got rewarded on each of these separate events..
Byte Muslim, M.A.I, and lastly Alexandria Sports Carnival. first for PES 2010 10 in batch (boys) and lastly two medals, one for marathon and another one, futsal.

i never expect these things to happen..
but maybe finally all my hardwork and patience paid-off after all..:D
i think things end up perfectly for me when no strings strings, i mean excessive hope..yeah..these things had already dissapointed me on many occasions before..

anyway..kudos to my friends and to whom i love the most for the support and advices...
KFC was more than enough right?..haha

people says: Things do happen when least expected
i what we can do is to keep our hope alive,pray and leave the rest to Him..

that's all..ciao

Thursday, 22 April 2010


yeah, i'm in the final!
just one more vital step
and then it's victory!

playing with so many good players is not something that you can called "Piece of cake"
me?..nope..didn't even have the tiniest courage...poor me...:(
but playing in front of a huge crowd is something more suicidal..
i think, i'm stuck between luck and fate.

but what's matter the most, patience always treat you the best.
i'm still remember the first time i played the old version of Pro Evolution Soccer.
Yeah, Winning Eleven.
I think most people knew it.

I still remember how frustrated and mad I am when I failed to score
Instead of putting the ball inside the net, i slammed the ball to the newbie i was back then..

but now, at least i can compete with others.

with god's will, i'm gonna win this for everbody..:D(semangat tol..hehe)

and thanks to my friends who're supporting me that night..really really appreciated it..:D

and check this of my friend made this..thx man! dowh!..hehe..

that's all...bye..

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


yeah...many days of absence and silence
from braggin' in this dusty blog..

internet problemo..
totally shut me off from the world for awhile..
thank god it's just 3 days..
can't afford more..:D

yup..let's talk about something more less cliche'
last friday, i did something suicidal..
running to the death!!..

hehe..not so nasty like it sounded..
but, first of all, i never ever had that wildest idea to enter the night-mare-a-thon..
as it was the long long time since i'd participated in this type of competition..

so it's's suicidal!!..
plus..i don't want to refuse that request..:D

but that morning..was not a good start
started at 8.30 am
woke up..?..yeah 8.20 am..
nice..i can felt the adrenaline rushing through my vessels as i rushed towards the door..
only a quarter of glass of water as a breakfast...:(

and i ended at 10th place..
yeah..not bad right..?..hehe..
it was a long long long run that i was thinking to raise a white flag instead..yeah..seeing some taxi passing by..not a bad idea if i took one instead..hehe

but for the sake of human race and green warriors...i continued..hahahaha..:D..yeah!!

yes...that's how it ended..

here's the moment: (credit to Chong for the pic..)

see that face?...running to death...
lucky number?..quite...

and here some of the pics from futsal tournament before...(kudos for Mok)


p/s: results already out!..alhamdullilah..everything's good :D