Sunday, 31 October 2010


bad news for everyone
i mean socca-holics..sigh..
if you are one of those, you are with me...duhh..

at least for this season or maybe a couple of season to go..
i still didn't get it why there is no coverage of EPL in Egypt

not even one channel out of hundreds and hundreds channel broadcasting those match though..
i managed to tune in to Nile Sport hoping that the ads shown before was a genuine one..
but all of sudden, they show Ligue 1 instead..being cheated again...
never mind..pissed off already..

i can't imagine how can i fill my every weekend-watching football-in comfy couch-with nothing to think of besides football activity...
i wonder how boring a weekend will sound after this...sigh...

una buena noticia desde el teatro de los sueños..:)



main objective : misión a Españ on!!

side objective : doing my specialist in Manchester and buy two season tickets..and smile all along for the whole season..hurra..:)


Saturday, 30 October 2010


suddenly, i started to rekindle my interest to write....
maybe due to excessive boredom right now...
and with nothing to do left..

at last..i am free..for the time being..fuuhh..
being chased, tied and grounded by a chain of exams lately..
felt like being eaten alive for a month..hehe too much for a metaphor though..

anyway...winter is coming...
already the cold breeze wheezing every night...
it's time to wrap myself in a cocoon..lucky me my comforter acting just fine..:)

things are getting expensive here in Egypt by the way,
annoying blood sucking inflation..erghh...
i think it's time to reduce some expenses though..
if Espana later..sigh..:(

fine..thousand a month will do no harm right..:D
no pain no gain..