Thursday, 22 April 2010


yeah, i'm in the final!
just one more vital step
and then it's victory!

playing with so many good players is not something that you can called "Piece of cake"
me?..nope..didn't even have the tiniest courage...poor me...:(
but playing in front of a huge crowd is something more suicidal..
i think, i'm stuck between luck and fate.

but what's matter the most, patience always treat you the best.
i'm still remember the first time i played the old version of Pro Evolution Soccer.
Yeah, Winning Eleven.
I think most people knew it.

I still remember how frustrated and mad I am when I failed to score
Instead of putting the ball inside the net, i slammed the ball to the newbie i was back then..

but now, at least i can compete with others.

with god's will, i'm gonna win this for everbody..:D(semangat tol..hehe)

and thanks to my friends who're supporting me that night..really really appreciated it..:D

and check this of my friend made this..thx man! dowh!..hehe..

that's all...bye..

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


yeah...many days of absence and silence
from braggin' in this dusty blog..

internet problemo..
totally shut me off from the world for awhile..
thank god it's just 3 days..
can't afford more..:D

yup..let's talk about something more less cliche'
last friday, i did something suicidal..
running to the death!!..

hehe..not so nasty like it sounded..
but, first of all, i never ever had that wildest idea to enter the night-mare-a-thon..
as it was the long long time since i'd participated in this type of competition..

so it's's suicidal!!..
plus..i don't want to refuse that request..:D

but that morning..was not a good start
started at 8.30 am
woke up..?..yeah 8.20 am..
nice..i can felt the adrenaline rushing through my vessels as i rushed towards the door..
only a quarter of glass of water as a breakfast...:(

and i ended at 10th place..
yeah..not bad right..?..hehe..
it was a long long long run that i was thinking to raise a white flag instead..yeah..seeing some taxi passing by..not a bad idea if i took one instead..hehe

but for the sake of human race and green warriors...i continued..hahahaha..:D..yeah!!

yes...that's how it ended..

here's the moment: (credit to Chong for the pic..)

see that face?...running to death...
lucky number?..quite...

and here some of the pics from futsal tournament before...(kudos for Mok)


p/s: results already out!..alhamdullilah..everything's good :D

Saturday, 3 April 2010


yeah..what's the big deal!..
losing is not a sign of weakness
at least we showed who play well..
who owns the ground..
who owns the league...:D

reflecting to the reality,
admitting defeat is something that only people with guts can do
and bounce back from that needs really extraordinary guts..
but anyway, who knows what future might hold..
yup, what we can do is:


yeah..this is something for you kiddo!!

When I get older, I will be stronger,
They'll call me freedom, just like a Waving Flag,
And then it goes back, and then it goes back,
And then it goes back