Friday, 28 May 2010


many say : Money can't buy happiness
Money can't buy glory
Money can't pride

i say : with Money, i can buy almost everything.....:D..happiness, glory, love, pride..and other feelings or abstract things that ever exist..hehe

i can buy :

yeah..beetles..driving happily with pride..:D

or this one..more and more happy...:D

and all the world cup jerseys...any team? i don't mind at all..

yeah, if only getting money is easy
and effortless like collecting money from a money tree..:D
and then everyone will be happy.....and obese!..
p/s: countdown to WC...go Brasil!! :)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

TO THE WOMAN I LOVE THE MOST... know who you are..
Happy Mother's Day

i know that a simple wish is no match with all of your sacrifices and efforts you've made..
but do know that deep're always be my best and forever..:D

your beloved son

to Mak, and all mothers:

Saturday, 1 May 2010


it's been a tiresome week actually
string of events, celebrations were held

all of them have to be attended..
attended means..getting involved..
looking on the bright side, at least i will always have something to do..
mr.boredom will never get close..yeah..go away! :D

alhamdulillah..i got rewarded on each of these separate events..
Byte Muslim, M.A.I, and lastly Alexandria Sports Carnival. first for PES 2010 10 in batch (boys) and lastly two medals, one for marathon and another one, futsal.

i never expect these things to happen..
but maybe finally all my hardwork and patience paid-off after all..:D
i think things end up perfectly for me when no strings strings, i mean excessive hope..yeah..these things had already dissapointed me on many occasions before..

anyway..kudos to my friends and to whom i love the most for the support and advices...
KFC was more than enough right?..haha

people says: Things do happen when least expected
i what we can do is to keep our hope alive,pray and leave the rest to Him..

that's all..ciao