Saturday, 12 June 2010


world cup vs exam..
choose your side wisely..
one or the other..
maybe both...?..:D

anyhow...all the best fellas for the exam..
may ALLAH guide you

world cup is officially open
let the game begins!! :D

gooood luck everybody...

the source of pandemic fever....

kaka...don't let me down...:D

p/s: come on BRASIL!!!

Friday, 4 June 2010


we've been insulted again..
our brothers have been shot to death
some were beaten while others praying to be spared
but fear nothing..cause Allah will always be by our side my brothers!..:D

they can do what they want
but one day..sooner or later..the eternal glory will be ours..
Insha Allah..we'll find our way..

yup..just simple yet strong message to share..cause i assume the whole world already knew by now..that those kind of people, is the real criminal..the real man behind the curtain of innocence..

anyway, i have some vid to share..enjoy :D

yup..get ready fellas..cause we are going to fight for our any means..