Monday, 12 July 2010


adios WC 2014
adios South Africa
congrats to La Roja..

adios Egypt
5 papers left..:D
can't wait to see Aiman... mak said he can talk longer 'Habis' as his only word that he utter..
can't wait to see the other two sidekicks..
can't wait to feel like a real home..

and finally adios to Mr.Paul the Octopus..
that octopus already retired from predicting..yeah too much for an octopus..sigh..
he is back to his old profession..cheering up kids..that's better Paul!!..

(pic from kosmo)

anyway...2 weeks away..
that's all..

1 comment:

lily_lolypop said...

he's kiut. love kids. kemsalm aiman xkesah k.haha