Wednesday, 23 December 2009


it's a one bloody fact
everybody loves fairy-tale stories

especially when it comes to the part


it's cliche' and lame
but yet,who cares..because at least fairy-tale stories have ending..
perfect ending

yeah especially after those hard-fought with some evil witches, gigantic monster, and some dreadful dragons..magical kingdoms,haunted forest as a plot..

i guess, everyone agrees that those stories do deserve to end happily ever-after after all

enough with the metaphor..let's face the fact of the life

last friday, we had our own version of fairy-tale story
mixed with some emotions

in a land..far far away..

we slayed some magical dragons,killed some deadly monster..
a perfect version of fairy-tale story

what makes it very sad and sad and sad again was..
it's not that all the prince charming died or the princesses didn't woke up from their evil curse
or the story didn't end with that famous phrase..."so they live bla bla bla.."

it's just didn't end
didn't happen to have one

we were playing for semis at that time..
and suddenly poofff....
lights off...
sorry lads...
the game sadly had to be postponed
not next week
another week later
because time's up
it happen to be our tournament didn't end on time

yeah..imagine a story without ending..
how cruel was that?

but never mind
at least our own story

did have this phrase

it's not so bad at all
right fellas?

ready to slay some dragons..
prince or princesses? hehe


i wanna wish a happy 19th bombastic birthday to my dearest housemate,chef,friend,nigga majingga

IMRAN aka TOM aka BROTHER ALL ROUNDER (bajet sgt plak name nieh..hehe)

berangan nk jadi model..hehe
the late Haji Sernan's apprentice

i wish you to have
a very wealthy,healthy,mighty,fatty, and whateva -tty life..hehe

and one thing,
just do what you believe
and always believe in yourself even when everyone doubts you (haha bajet sgt plak ayat nieh..)

haha..anyway live your life to the fullest...okay?

sigh..sorry if hotcake at MCD for breakfast and coldcake at FUDDRUCKERS is not enough...hehe
that's all saddam and me can offer..haha..(bajet tak?)

yah yah yah i know...
enough with stories..
but believe me..
every one deserves to have a perfect fairy-tale stories one day

bye fellas..!

and happy new year!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009


alexandria looked gloomy yesterday
sand storm strucked

even the sun looks white and pale
and as usual...its getting colder and colder

never mind..

i have a story to tell..

one day rooney and berbatov had enough of their football life..
especially being shouted by their gaffer, mr alex

so they decided to try their luck in other field..

they decided to go to school...

so here they are...sitting in the class..

trying to solve some difficult sums...

at last...

here they are again..

football is what they do best

bla bla bla bla...
the end.

nahh...forget that lame-o story..

here some less lame story..:D

what a small world actually..hehe every knows that-lah..

yeah...i just know that one of my primary school classmate have already flew to london to further her studies...thanks to athirah for that video...i wish i was there...yeah...old trafford...being a fan, it's a dream no one can't ever say NO..even maybe..

never mind-lah classmate...i've been there...tak jeles langsung..haha
i wish i can see live football match there..
next time, i want you ( you know who you are) to take me and my friends
on some cool tour...

five star hospitality??

yaah...i can't forget these memories :

no offense to arsenal fans...

i'm the special one..right Mr. Mourinho..?

p/s: tomorrow is a big day..i hope we can win fashionably...including looks and style..:D

Monday, 14 December 2009


it's freaking cold outside..:(
no mooooooood to do anything

besides curling in my comfortable comfy comforter..:)
and digging out my laptop to search any movie to watch

and finally i have some urge and appetite to brag something here
at least people know that i'm alive..

yup..back from hurghada..
it was great
new experience
bloody awesome..:)

to cut it short..
"what happens in hurghada stays in hurghada"..
yeah..everybody agrees with that

check this out :

thank god..that coach a bit nicer than this place..:D

12-tiring hours in the coach

20 LE rubu' firakh..dah lapar..nak buat camano?..

snorkling.snorkling.snorkling..3 times in one day

nice beach..lovely people..

rockin' outside...inside?..maybe next time

seafood day...

quad-bike adventure..not bad at all...

maybe this one instead of beetles?..hehe

credit to zahin for those pictures..
nice brotha..:D hehe

and who knows next time
fate and money will bring me to some place called

yeah...let the rumour circles around along the wind
for the time being...
i guess..

how bout' your holidays fellas??

some thoughts of the day:

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.

"Mark Twain"

p/s: congrats teammates...nice match...maybe another one in bag in Mansoura? insyallah

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


by the way..
i'm off to Hurghada in just 90 minutes

i hope it's gonna be a 'miracle' one
one to be remebered
one to be enjoyed i go..
enjoy the rest of your holidays folks..

p/s : 2012 was freaking awesome..two thumbs up!!...including its moon was offense yah?..