Sunday, 31 October 2010


bad news for everyone
i mean socca-holics..sigh..
if you are one of those, you are with me...duhh..

at least for this season or maybe a couple of season to go..
i still didn't get it why there is no coverage of EPL in Egypt

not even one channel out of hundreds and hundreds channel broadcasting those match though..
i managed to tune in to Nile Sport hoping that the ads shown before was a genuine one..
but all of sudden, they show Ligue 1 instead..being cheated again...
never mind..pissed off already..

i can't imagine how can i fill my every weekend-watching football-in comfy couch-with nothing to think of besides football activity...
i wonder how boring a weekend will sound after this...sigh...

una buena noticia desde el teatro de los sueños..:)



main objective : misión a Españ on!!

side objective : doing my specialist in Manchester and buy two season tickets..and smile all along for the whole season..hurra..:)



Husna said...

Hopefully, ada coverage dekat Egypt untuk korang tengok bola. Insya-Allah :)

Don't give upp.

Solid90 said...

haha..amiin..kalo tak tgk result je laa...tade la xcited cam dlu2 balek kelas trus duk dpn tv...:(

fazira said...

2 tickets nmpak hahha

Solid90 said...

faz : fancy a ticket? :)

Husna said...

Itu namanya jihad dari tengok bola tu. Haha.

Gambateee sann :D