Saturday, 27 June 2009


i'm off to


yeah...just to bring back some memories

for people that i love
back in

p/s: yah yah yah...the new manutd jersey has been revealed...quite nice duh...hehe...
V for Victory..gonna buy it soon...

Sunday, 21 June 2009



that's the final score...the pharaoh has shown that they no longer a local champ...
the world champ lost to the african to the egyptian goalkeeper...really frustated the opposition..BOO italy for this time...hehehe..:P

watching anxiously....:S

and that result has rocked the whole egypt...1 minute before it ended...everyone started to cheer,dance,jumping...jubilating....
it was nice...being one of the spectator there...i was jumping too...cheering...clapping...celebrating....

the celebration begins....

it sums up as being...HAPPY...:)..yeah...

and some were celebrating with one....hehe...and the best part was..that quite night turned out to be a hustle bustle one..
cars honking egypt..they love to's just happen to be their passion especially when there is a wedding or some special event held...but it surely difference from those everyday-annoying-honk...

ir's burning....woah...

i just can't wait to see egypt in the world cup...i'm sure it's gonna be a total hype...and i'm planning to buy egypt national jersey to show off to my fellas in malaysia...hehe..sure they will get very very jealous...hehe :)

and not to forget...i would like to wish a very cool HAPPY FATHER'S my beloved abah..NOOR AZMI BIN JAAFAR...

thanks for being the coolest always being the calmest and the coolest one in our family...that's what i love about you.....hehe... :).. and thanks for keeping me accompanied though you not really watching that football match with me..heee...nahh never always being that coooooleeesst abah ....:)

but one thing:-

ABAH support ARSENAL - loser lagik cam biaser
ANGAH support LIVERPOOL - runner up je la yg mampu..ngeh ngeh ngeh
ALANG support NEWCASTLE - lagik aa loser...kene relegate...jangan marah..:D
AJIM support MANUTD - haaa yg nie mmg champion laaa....hehehehe....

but never mind..i always love all of you very very much..:)

Monday, 15 June 2009


my phone rang
taylor swift singing....

it was my 'abah' calling
of course with good news
he always does

plus with the nicest one
i'm going to visit paris and manchester again...

so this is how it goes :

19 july
Arrive in London
Take train to Nottingham with FAMILY

20 july
Attending alang's graduation day in Nottingham

21 July
Visit Nottingham

22 July
Depart to Paris from Nottingham

23 July
Night in Paris

24 July
Depart to London
Trip to Old Trafford (planning to buy the new jersey)

25 July-31 July
Free day (hmm..gonna ask alang to be my tour guide :) )

1 August
Arrive in MALAYSIA ( insyallah)

upcoming days...
hanging out with her, family and friends...

can't wait can't wait
how about yours fellas ??

p/s : i've met him...hope its going to be a decent and nice impression...hehe i hope so...ngeh ngeh :D

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


i don't know

i just hate to be the loser one

i just hate to be such a weakling

i just hate to be the latter one

because that makes me inferior

in front of you

in front of everybody

what can i do

because that what martins born to be


i just hate that feeling

Monday, 8 June 2009



watch closely...

i just love the US now

we don't separate

we don't flee

we don't stab

we do share

me being a balloon seller...hehe

p/s : let's play 'tell me your secret' again weh....;)

Friday, 5 June 2009



new place for lepak2 :

jaw-dropping when i see :

always :

upcoming exam :

just watched :

looking forward to watch :

in love with:

just working :

happy with :

ready for :

you know wut....
it's the story of me

Thursday, 4 June 2009


that yellow wood framed clock shows
it is already 2.16 am
but my eyes doesn't rebel to rest
nor my soul
sitting there calmly

maybe just because
i've been sleeping for 6 hours straight
not getting too much sleep lately
if i have one, it's not the usual cycle
stay up all night...stay down all day

i've been trying to restart my laptop back
then turns on
yeah..right timing i guess..hehe
gone holiday before my exam
gone back after exam

but it just about half an hour
no big deal...
at least i got to recover some of the latest BLEACH animes
i've been really into it before
love those cool characters...their stylish styles...
plus i have sufficient time to track back those episodes that i've missed

now, i'm addicted
after watching GHOST
i started to watch BLEACH
one to another
at least i have something to see,to enjoy
after that mad doctor and farm boy left..
at least for month or more

when through some tests recently
really tested my credibility and emotional
but thank to god
it went well

now i've got my cycle back
biology cycle
life cycle
but he most important thing is...
it's my cycle

that's all fellas...ciao

coolest guy i've ever known...never afraid to be himself..
uruhara kisuke

'Cause you give me something
That makes me scared, alright

This could be nothing

But I'm willing to give it a try

Please give me something
'Cause someday I might know my heart