Saturday, 27 February 2010


yeah...finally i did something worthwhile..
the project had been stalled for months..
thank happened tonight..hehe..:D

yes...a long sigh of relief...and a big smile on top..
sufficient enough to spare me for another 7 bored days..fewwwhh..

somehow, i felt like i am Parker from the famous Leverage drama series..(cool series..try it)..
no wonder...that girl really loves to steal paintings..yeah..
when you stared at just felt satisfied..hehe...

yeah...that parker..she is really gooood at stealing's like breathing..

1..arrives safely in one-piece

2...zahin's helping..:D
4...yeah biiig smile...=D

just keeping everyone updated...and free from boredom
good news...chelsea was beaten by mancity at stamford BRIDGE..
yeah..good fight then..finally..everyone knows who's da real Mr.Bridge..sigh...

Chelsea's John Terry (right) is left hanging by Wayne Bridge (left) before kick-off. (AFP: Olly Greenwood)

bad news for gunners fan...aaron ramsey apparently been haunted by late karma of his team mates, Eduardo..
i told was a bad bad injury...couple of broken bones i guess...internal haemorrhage?..maybe..pray for the best for him everybody...

see for yourself's that?..

future news...manutd won the carling cup...hehe...i hope so..

have time for dejavu...?

anyhow..i prefer to be my quiet-innocent-childish- self..hehe...sorry for those updates above..
i was just polishing my language...somebody wanted me to write for a sport column...
hehe...thanks for the offer man!....i'll be better that anyone else...shebby?..more than that..count on me..=)..(cuak gak..hee)

can i be CK, Luke?

p/s: especially to imran..zahin wants a nice've been M.I.A..

Friday, 26 February 2010


at last...
one month of hardwork..
finally i can get loose of myself...
start to reconnect with the world..:D..
exam really looks like troublesome enough..sheesh

by the way..
watched my name is khan movie last night...
my first hindustan movie but yet it is a nice one though..
thanks to F for keeping me accompanied for the whole 2 and half hours..hehe

really an inspiring movie..
show us a bit about humanity and justice...
i think all people should watch this movie
yes we can all live peacefully rite? :D

if one thing that i learn from that movie is..
there are only two types of people...
good people who does good deeds..
and bad people who does bad things..
not the colour of our skin..language..or even our religion itself..

so..treat every mankind with just...
muslims are not a terrorist!!!..
yeah watch that movie and you know it..:D

by the way..10 days of holiday..with nothing to do yet..
i hope some spark of miracles will happen.. me from this boredom..hehe...

anyway...let me be clear about this name is mohamad...and i'm not a terrorist!!..:D yeah..

see ya later!!...enjoy your holidays wherever you go...

P/s: should watch that movie..hehe..most of the scenes in US..hehe..walaupun ko tak minat hindustan, ko kene tgk gak..aku pun tak tgk gak sblm nie..hehe

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


first post for this month,
my internet connection sucks big time,

anyhow, 3 targets had already shot
yet another 6 targets on the radar
i aim for the bullseye, but at the end, all ends through Him

by the way,
i have a new nephew
now, it's duo aiman has his sidekick
i wonder who's gonna boss who...XD
this is his new sidekick

Sherlock Holmes movie was fantastic..
it really matches it's well-known reputation..

especially the chemistry between this DUO :

it just reminds me of these famous DUO :


those dudes are awesome
even their name have the same initial..and rhymes along..:D

i dug out some information
and these are some of those:

1.Both characters play instruments (House plays the piano, the guitar, and the harmonica; Holmes, the violin)
2. Both take drugs (House is addicted to Vicodin, Holmes uses cocaine recreationally)
3.The number of House's apartment, 221B, is a reference to Holmes's street address
4.The main patient in the pilot episode is named Rebecca Adler, after Irene Adler, a character in the first Holmes short story.
5.In the season 2 finale, House is shot by a crazy gunman credited as "Moriarty", the name of Holmes's nemesis.

interesting huh?..yeah..for those who didn't know yet..this drama series is actually been inspired by Sherlock Holmes..cause the creator, David Shore really loves Holmes...

anyhow..berdua lebih baik kan..? :D