Saturday, 6 November 2010


ugh...i know it's bad
Saturday night..staying at home..with no EPL to watch..

but lucky me..everyone is home..
a dose of PES followed by watching REC 2 together in our own home-made cinema made the night already..
more than enough..more than i could ask for..

yep, i know, it's not so freakin' fun and feverish night..
but i'll get used to problemo..i'm a big guy..:)

life is hard though...(all of sudden...hehe)

no more life to the fullest fellas..
let's eat.pray....and do the same thing again and again..yeah..


mission to SPAIN : a bit rocky rite now..but under control..sigh..:(


Husna said...

Big fan manutd? diorang hebat sekaranggggg ! :)

Solid90 said...

haha..mmg da hebat da dr dlu..nie msti baru sokong eh..?

lily_lolypop said...

yeke hebat? hehehe. :P

Husna said...

mana ada baru minat -.- dah lamee dah. tapi sekaranggg laa game mu gempakk eventho ronaldo sengal tu takde :)

but still kena catchup dengan celsi tu :D