Sunday, 21 March 2010


till now..
i really don't understand..
why our teens do love koreans so much..
erm..crazy is more proper word i guess..

yeah..this korean fever is very very IN since i was still back in school..

boys love their girls
girls love their boys

is it their eyes?
is it their smile?
or...oh! know better i guess..
yeah whatever..:)

but tonight, i admit
i love this guy very much!!...:D
nice diving header there...PARK
bring us to the top again!!..
yeah all the way..

okay..away from foooooty..
i've submitted my first article..
i hope it will get a good response at least..:)

hurm...this wednesday..Internation Futsal Tournament again..
i hope i can do well..and give some boost for the team..
yeah..i can do it..
and also this Friday's Sport Carnival..

i prefer going double..
yeah better..:D

i have a nice short trip the other day..
pure entertainment...:D

nothing much rite now mate..
that's all..

Thursday, 11 March 2010


happy :D :

sad :( :

proud :) :

one thing in common..
they are all made in MANUTD..
yup..we are the best!

Sunday, 7 March 2010


i had one heck of a day...
i was busying cleaning up my stuff one whole evening..
it was a clean-your-stuffs- day

the primary target..the sacred closet..:D
folding up all those clothes back..
make em' nice and neat...
Winter clothes OFF!!
Summer clothes ON!! :D

shirts with shirts...
tees with tees...
hanging those up side by side..
at least make em' look decent and presentable for me too choose later..

then, i moved to bags..
big bags..small bags..tiny bags..wallets..( not so sure if wallets can be considered as a type of bag..hehe)
all bags that you can think of..
throw away unnecessary papers, bills and others..

but one thing that i love about cleaning is...
i rediscover my lost things...yeah..sometimes you just simply put things at wrong place..
yeah..i love this activity..sometimes XD..

and laptop..
whoa..stop thinking bad lads...
not that i put dirty or bad stuffs in there..yup..i'm pretty sure..hehe
just..deleting..sorting back some files..rename em'...:D
keep it organized..yup..just like it supposed to be...

everything looks good as new..

but, i think i'm gonna buy a small table later..
so that i can sort my things better..
and that eiffel on top..and lights from bottom..:P
till's perfect..

school's started just now..
do hope that i can keep my enthusiasm high enough till the end..yeah..god's will..

that's all.ciao.

Thursday, 4 March 2010


today is thursday...
tomorrow is friday.
and saturday is school day..huhu

which means..holidays are over ladies and gentleman..
isk isk...tough reality to swallow..
but no worries..holidays never know how to rest themselves in peace
so cheer up..hope to see you again..HOLIDAY!!..

this holiday, nothing much to sweat..
initially i'd planned to conquer Turkey...
but the ticket and the whole journey likely to cause bankruptcy to cruel-lah that fella!..and so so young to be black-listed..

Spain...?..maybe i have to steal a bank to go there...or maybe two..hihi...

so, no Turkey..
yeah i envy those pictures..hehe..everyone going to places.. (dah pergi dah pun tempat2 tuh..hihi..astagha..jgn belagak..) hihi..:D

but never mind..there's always holiday waiting..
and at that precious moment..i'm gonna go there..i'm gonna shop..i'm gonna kill em'..hahaha... XD

but at this very moment..excuse me lads!..

i have a movie to catch!...


hope to see you again...paintings!!!..haha

Monday, 1 March 2010


again, just another day of holiday..
like other day..i was surfing the internet..checking out FB
but this time with purpose..
yeah...i miss my family..
plus i'm dying to see Hasif Wafi's new nephew :D

and these what i managed to find : =D

Aci Api..yeah..that's what Aiman called you..(in his pelat slang) :D
yeah..i know you don't know me..hehe
i miss them..
wait for me..i'm coming home..ermm.. about 4-5 months from now?..

yeah...what a therapy...

i turned down some offer from my friends to join them for a trip
maybe i think i'm not in the mood for long trip..
a day or so..maybe i reconsider...

so..i went out alone just now..
try checking out the book+pc fair at azarita..
buy a novel..and a comic a good price for both of them..
i hope both of them can buy me some time..
plus i am a book away from completing the tale of those unfortunate kids..poor them..sigh..:(

yeah...i admit..going out alone is not fun..
in fact that she's not here..

but no regret..i just realised that there are way way too many things that have to be done
like repairing that clumsy broken printer...:|

i think's that update for now..
besides i am dying to eat that rojak buah that i just prepared just now..
but it's not so perfect without that raw one..with super sour taste..whoah..:D..
how i really miss it...damn..
but green apple is not so bad...
plus i just got that black rojak buah sauce...(hihi i took it from her's)


p/s: i robbed your stuff just now...took one brahim's ayam madu,ayam masak merah..and that rojak buah's sauce...that's all..thank you...:D..hope too see you soon...