Tuesday, 2 November 2010


recently, i found out an effective way to save some money...
yeah..a real one..logical..systematic n'practical..
yep..i guess, i'm gonna be a billionare sooner than i think after all..:D..hehe

i've tried a bunch of methods before..but it turned out fruitless..
at the end of day, i lost the track of my expenses..
and spend thoughtlessly..

it's a simple method anyway..just a lil' a bit of:

1: Calculate your exact income monthly

2: Have a target on how much money do you want to save monthly and how much do you want to spend..make sure it's logical and sensible...be moderate..

3: Withdraw the amount you want to spend for that month and divide equally for each week..let's say 1000 bucks a month..so for a week you just have 250 bucks to live on..

4 : Jog down every single cent IN or OUT

5: At the end of each day, any balance..just kindly put that in your cute piggy-bank..but make sure it gets inside safely..no second thought on that...hehe :)

walla!...there you go..simple ain't?..
in few years time, the next thing you know..you will be the next billionare you've been wanted so freakin' bad..hehe :)

yeah..i hope it's a good start though..
for a moment i just use a PEPSI can as my piggy-bank..sigh..
maybe i should find one that looks cool..and less piggy..hehe

something like this maybe :

last but not least, save now..safe later...


hanif hafiz said...

simpan dalam botol labanita sudeyh..

Solid90 said...

abu: tak mampu aa labanita..mahal sgt..hahaha..