Thursday, 29 October 2009


it is PES 2010

and its now LIVE in my XPS M1330
overall it's totally awesome

graphic is good

gameplay is nice

more realistic but yet it didn't effect the excitement of the game
now the game is more about tactical

which means no more cheap goals especially if you are really into Messi or Ronaldo,dribbling and slicing the defender all the way from your half to the opponents goal

and the goalkeeper much much more professional

buffon is buffon

iker is iker

buffon is not taibi or someone know what i mean

and this is the new cover girls for this new PES 2010
el nino and messi

like always,it's very addictive that once i played 10 games back to back
with the same team and with the same opponent

for this time, i prefer to use JUVENTUS

new controller for the new game...haha it's all about precision and accuracy rite? :)

but i still miss my mr.white

and another thing,

last week was the internation futsal tournament
but my luck did run out quite fast
we lost in the penalty shootout

we had four chances
and we screwed all of them

saddam and me hit the post

so what i did

was cheering for the winning team

hehe, not so bad...

so last word

selamat ber-PES

Monday, 19 October 2009


it's the kick-off of the new semester (yeah,the new medical year)


new journey to embark

new knowledge to learn

new hairstyle (new to people here..but old for me..:) )

new TV ( it's F.O.C..thank god)

new internet connection (no more cilok2)

new comforter (i can sleep safe and more pijat2..shooh2..:D )

new CARREFOUR (haha that's better)

new budget ( pay less...gain more)



new friends and foes...(hehe i expect more friends and less villains!!! )

that's all for now..